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About the NetBiennial 2010

The Dark Roses is the founder of the NetBiennial back in January 2007, supported by adps1984 as a non-commercial (non-profit) community based on the World Wide Web. The aim of the NetBiennial is to supply contemporary art with a digital outlet and thus support international contacts. NetBiennial distributes an open space on the Internet to contemporary art projects in current and upcoming digital media.

The 1st. NetBiennial took place from January 01 to June 15, 2008.

The 2nd NetBiennial in 2010 *Unlimited* will be announced and open to submissions in September 01, 2009. The World Wide Web exhibition will currently present 50 artists from all over the world.

Suggestions concerning NetBiennial (another way to do things) are always welcome and can be done by email:

..........................................................Contact NetBiennial

Volunteers are also welcome: People to spread the word about NetBiennial, script masters, web designers, writers or ... feel free to email us anyway.

NetBiennial is sponsored by adps1984, in which do not have any other intention or interest than to provide a no fee policy to users of the community.

Criteria for Projects:

1. Html/xhtml projects of all genres (no-ads). Projects including external links, commercial messages issued in behalf of a product; companies, institutions or blogs will not be accepted.

2. Known files such as jpeg, gif, bmp, png, swf, flv, avi, mov and pdf. Scripts suitable for Internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, is allowed as long they are a part of the project and do not make any harm or conflict to our internet servers.

3. Projects may not exceed more than 40 MB. (Exceptions can be made but only if the committee of the NetBiennial approves it).

4. When creating an index for your project use following address/link:


b) Put all files and folders in one main folder, name it (your-name):


Criteria for Submission:

1. Members or former members of The Dark Roses or NetBiennial volunteers may also take part as an exhibitor of the NetBiennial 2010. It doesn’t mean they have special rights neither any advantage and may follow the standard procedure for submissions like others.

2. There are no fees for participating the NetBiennial 2010.

3. All entries must be postmarked no later than December 10, 2009 for submission.

4. All submissions must have been completed after January 01, 2009 and made specific for NetBiennial 2010 as well.

5. Only the owner/owners of the project may complete the entry form. Schools may submit projects on behalf of student makers.

6. Submission must be made on the 2010 entry form supplied by the NetBiennial. Entry of a project is binding and implies acceptance of the regulations. The entry form is not available for download before the September 01, 2009 announcement:

7. Only complete entries will be accepted: This includes a signed and completed entry form. An USB memory stick, CD or DVD, includes all files and folders, a full function and browser friendly project ready to be uploaded. To facilitate the promotion of selected projects, NetBiennial requires that submissions include a photo and bio of the project maker/makers. A window snapshot image of the project. These information and photos may be used for promotional purposes and may be included in the NetBiennial program. The information must be made available in a text file (.doc or .txt - UTF-8) and photos must be in a JPEG format. The media storage must be clearly labeled with the entrants name and with the title of the project.

8. Media or other material will not be returned.

9. Dispatches from non-EU member states must be marked "for cultural use only, no commercial value" and must not state the value of the shipment for customs as amounting to more than EUR 10. Costs arising from wrongful declarations will be refused.

d) The shipping costs of all material entered are to be covered by the entrants. NetBiennial will not cover the return shipping costs.

Submissions must be sent by postal service to:

NetBiennial - adps1984
Postboks 2661
2100 Copenhagen Ø.

(Projects will not be returned. All submitted projects would be notified by email no later than one month after of receiving a project).

Any requests are welcome and can be done by email:

..........................................................Contact NetBiennial

DOWNLOAD - NetBiennial 2010 entry form:
The entry form is not available for download before September 01, 2009.

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